Care Package Contents

tazo box

The ritual of brewing a tea allows for mindfulness. We send caffeine-free, herbal teas that promotes relaxation.

Our preferred brands are: Tazo, Traditional Medicinals, Yogi, Bigelow Benefits, Triple Leaf and Allegro.

endangered species 72

Indulging in comfort food is a way to cope after loss. We send specialty chocolate bars as a form of self-care.

Our preferred brands are: Endangered Species, Hu, Beyond Good, Theo and Lily’s.


Journaling is a popular form of self-therapy. We send non-triggering, durable journals to help process thoughts.

We prefer nondescript covers in approximately 8”X5” size.

lavender shower steamer
eye masks
Aromatherapy & Self-Care

Aromas from oils regulate our moods and change our state of mind. We send Lavender scented shower steamers to help relax and calm the mind. To reduce puffiness after crying, we also include eye masks.

We prefer individually packaged items.

Items Unavailable to Purchase

Loved Baby
"Loved Baby" by Sarah Philpott

A Devotional Book on How to Cope, Mourn and Heal after Losing a Baby

angel wing ornament
Angel Wings Ornament

This is our gift to grieving mothers as a way to memorialize their baby. Each ornament is handmade by a volunteer of Missing Pieces Support Group.

Handmade Pillow

These pillows are lovingly made by parishioners at Marsalis Avenue Church of Christ in Dallas and generously donated to our grieving mothers.

sunflower seed packet
Sunflower Seeds

Not only a delicious snack, sunflower seeds have many health benefits. This pack is graciously donated by The Sunshine Collective.