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The book "Loved Baby - 31 devotions", by Sarah Philpott, PhD
Two bars of chocolate
A stuffed elephant doll
A packet of Tazo Tea

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Our care packages encompass both tangible and intangible sources of comfort to assist individuals in coping with pregnancy loss. Within these packages, you'll find items designed for immediate solace, such as soft pillows, delectable chocolates, and soothing tea. These provide immediate comfort for women facing this challenging experience.

In addition to these comforting essentials, our care packages also include sentimental items that delve deeper into the emotional journey of pregnancy loss. These include angel ornaments, cuddly teddy bears, a cherished baby book and journal, all of which hold significant sentimental value.

Included in our care package are carefully selected items like Tazo Green Tea, Endangered Species Chocolate, a hand-crafted ornament, a journal for personal reflection, a cuddly stuffed elephant, and "Loved Baby: 31 Devotions Helping You Grieve and Cherish Your Child After Pregnancy Loss," along with a small pillow for added comfort.

Care packages are built and distributed via mail at the end of the month. We appreciate your patience with delivery.

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With the support of community members like you, we can continue to offer care packages to women who have just experienced a miscarriage or stillborn birth at the hospital. Sponsor a care package today!

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