Missing Pieces Support Group

Supporting Life After Loss

Missing Pieces Support Group Board of Directors

Mission Statement: Our mission is to bring awareness to pregnancy loss by providing informational resources; to form a mindful community that bridges the gap for similar support services, and to provide a platform that gives families the opportunity to share their stories online.

Vision Statement: Our vision is to serve the pregnancy loss community on a national scale through compassionate care package offerings, dedicated support group facilitation, and the creation of powerful, relatable stories that shed light on the pregnancy loss experience. We aim to initiate open discussions about the definitions and experiences of miscarriages and stillbirths with the goal of reducing the trauma women endure. We are driven by a commitment to destigmatize this common, yet often silenced, aspect of women's lives and the belief that no woman should suffer in silence.

Our Founders

Each having experienced pregnancy loss, our founders formed Missing Pieces Support Group with the strong desire to provide healing support, to educate the broader community and to ensure no one suffers alone.

Board of Directors

Our board of directors spearhead the direction of our organization to align with our mission with a fiduciary mindset to ensure a lasting, growing impact in the pregnancy loss community.

jamilah robinson headshot

Founder | Board Chair | Executive Director

Wife + Mom + Entrepreneur + Woman of Faith

Emily Gamboa headshot

Founder | Vice Chair | Secretary

Wife + Mom + Family Warrior + Multifaceted

jecekia sam headshot

Founder | Director

Wife + Mom + Entrepreneur + Follower of the Most High


Committee Chair

Therapist + Advocate + Entrepreneur

Brand Ambassadors

Our brand ambassadors are the heartbeat of our team, amplifying our voices and extending our reach within the community. Together, we stand stronger, united in our mission to support those in need and make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals coping with loss.

Lydia Navo

Brand Ambassador

Mom + Wife + Coach + Connector


Brand Ambassador

Single Mom + Wellness Advocate + Self-Development Expert + Visionary

Rupa Kay

Brand Ambassador

Problem Solver + Synergy Specialist + Purveyor of Kind Indemnities

Brand Ambassadors

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Mission Stewards

With their unwavering dedication, our mission stewards play a vital role in keeping the administrative tasks up to date, planning logistics of events and providing communication services to our members and supporters.

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Grant Advisor

alanna w

Program Admin | Grant Writer

Nonprofit Advocate


Social Media | Marketing

Mom + Crocheter


Social Media

Student + Book Enthusiast

Mission Stewards

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